On this page:
4.1 Running a compiled executable
4.2 Running the source code
4.3 Updating the source code
4.4 Running with Docker
4.5 Resource usage
4.6 What next?

4 Running🔗

4.1 Running a compiled executable🔗

This method is recommended for people who do not want to edit the source code.

The distribution includes the Racket runtime, libraries, and everything else needed to run BreezeWiki.

  1. Download the distribution: https://docs.breezewiki.com/files/breezewiki-dist.tar.gz

  2. Unpack the archive.

  3. Execute the binary breezewiki-dist/bin/dist.

4.2 Running the source code🔗

This method is recommended for people who want to edit the source code, or for people who can’t use the compiled distribution.

  1. Install Racket. Please install the latest version. 8.4 or later is required. Download it here if your package manager is old.

  2. Clone the repository from https://gitdab.com/cadence/breezewiki.

  3. Run raco pkg install --auto req to install the raco req command.

  4. Run raco req -d in the repository to install dependencies.

Now you can start BreezeWiki using one of the following methods.

To be able to start up BreezeWiki faster, use raco make dist.rkt to byte-compile individual files.

If building in an automated environment, like CI or Docker, use raco pkg install --batch --auto --no-docs --skip-installed req-lib instead of step 3 above.

4.3 Updating the source code🔗

If you are running BreezeWiki from source code, you will need to follow these steps any time you pull the latest version. (Not required when running the executable or Docker.)

  1. Make sure your version of Racket is still new enough to run BreezeWiki. The required version is listed above.

  2. Run raco pkg update --all to update existing dependencies.

  3. Run raco req -d to install any new dependencies.

4.4 Running with Docker🔗

There is no official Docker support. Information herein is created by members of the community. Using Docker makes it more difficult to debug and find help if you encounter problems.

Image provided by PussTheCat.org: https://github.com/PussTheCat-org/docker-breezewiki-quay

4.5 Resource usage🔗

A full clone of BreezeWiki uses less than 10 MB of space on disk.

RAM usage is typically 400-500 MB.

CPU usage is difficult to specify, and depends on how frequently it sees incoming requests. When not servicing requests, it shouldn’t be using any processing power.

4.6 What next?🔗

If you’re running BreezeWiki in production (i.e. not for development) then check out the Required options section of the configuration page.